The Triple C Project

What Happened to The Yoga Den?

February 25, 2022 Ryan Spence Season 2 Episode 1
The Triple C Project
What Happened to The Yoga Den?
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You know when you sit down and say you'll close your eyes for a few minutes...then you wake up an hour later wondering WTF happened? That's kind of what happened to me...except I fell asleep for a year!

In this episode, I talk about:

⚡️why this first episode isn't an origin story;

⚡️what happened to my previous podcast, The Yoga Den Podcast; and

⚡️how gaining greater clarity led to the creation of this new show.

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You're listening to the Triple C project. Welcome to The Triple C Project, the podcast that helps you gain clarity, boost confidence and build courage, so you can live life lit!. I'm your host, Ryan Spence, life coach, author, speaker BigLaw dropout and lover of hoodies, hip hop, and big, hairy audacious goals. If you're tired of living the life you think you should want, and ready to live the life that you do want. This podcast will help you get from where you are, to where you really want to be. So now we're friends, I invite you to grab a drink, take a seat, and allow me to guide you towards living a life that's lit! Hey, welcome to episode one of The Triple C Project. And episode one of a podcast is normally where you start with the origin story, how the podcast came about what the host is about what they've been doing. But if you've just found me on this podcast today, you're probably looking back through the podcast feed thinking, What the hell is The Yoga Den Podcast? I thought this was the Triple C Project. And if you were with me on The Yoga Den Podcast, right, you're probably wondering, first of all, where the hell did I go? And second of all, what's this new thing? So I thought it was important to address the question of what happened to The Yoga Den. So for those who don't know, let me just bring you up to speed quickly. I had a podcast that launched in September 2020, called The Yoga Den Podcast. And it was where I spoke to people who were in the corporate world had had some major event happen, usually burnout or some thing that happened to their well being. And yoga would help them feel better to get to a life that was more in balance more in alignment with their values. And I love the podcast, every single guest was fantastic. And a lot of them I'm still in contact with now we've built up a good relationship. And I know from the messages that I received that a lot of people got a lot of value from the podcast, they, they learned a lot, they were things that they could apply to their own life. The intention was to always take a break from the podcast. For those who don't know, I was living in Singapore. And then I relocated to the UK in January 2021. And so the whole upheaval of moving and COVID and finding a house to live in all of that stuff. I was going to take a break, take a few weeks off, and then come back with season two of the show. So what happened? Well, January 2021, was a bit of a shit show for for various reasons. When we arrived in the UK, obviously, it was freezing, our airbnb was shit. Three days later, the country went into lockdown again, and trying to find a house for me and my family to living was was really challenging, shall we say. So there was all of that going on. And as well as that, I'd already started going through my own transformation. So I started off being a yoga teacher. And that was the way to help people figure out who they were and get themselves to the mat and then figure out where they wanted to be and sort of build the sort of the strength, the resilience to get there. But in December 2020, partly through the podcast, and through other people around me asking me to speak to people who were having their own issues, I was encouraged to start coaching. So I started coaching people in December 2020, and loved it and just felt that it was a way that I can make a bigger impact in terms of helping people live the life they want to live. And I also switched coach, I had a life coach, she was great. And then I sort of moved to a different coach and then another coach as well. So I ended up having a few coaches in 2021. And that just kind of really helped me solidify the vision of where I wanted to be. That's the thing about vision. The thing about clarity is it's always evolving. And I think that that is important. We can't stay still, even when we feel we've done the personal development work that we need to do. There's always another level and there's always another way that you can refine that vision for you. And although I continue to teach yoga, I felt that coaching was more of my calling. And I therefore felt that the vision of the show that I wanted to host and what I wanted to present also had to change and evolve and the long form interviews of the yoga and podcasts was fantastic. And it's still something that will be a part of this show at some point. But what I also wanted to do particularly through conversations I had with with my clients, and the people who reached out to me was to also be able to just get on and talk about issues that people struggle with, and to share tangible tips and tools or strategies that I had used, that my clients had used that had helped to get them results. And I also wanted to expand upon some of the topics that I talk about in my upcoming book, The Triple C Method, which I'll talk about a bit more in future episodes. So this podcast is kind of almost a companion to the book in one sense. And as I'll talk about in a later episode, what Triple C is what it means, you'll get to gain a bit more of an understanding as to what I'm about what my coaching is about, and how that can kind of help people and help you to get from where you are to where you want to be. Or, as I say, to live life lit! So you'll also notice that if you listen to The Yoga Den Podcast, where we had sort of 90 minute long interviews, that could have gone on a lot longer. This podcasts this, this new show will incorporate shorter episodes, things are a little bit more digestible, that you can kind of get on your commute to work 5,10 minutes, boom, you're there. I think these will be good for delivering actionable tips. But as I say, the long form interviews will be coming back, because I love them. I love connecting with guests. I love learning from other guests. And I just love talking to people in a one on one situation. So they will be back. And so if you have anyone who you would love to hear on the show who you feel that I should talk to, that'd be a really good vibe, who you feel you would get value from, drop me a line and let me know. And that goes for any other topics, any things that you're struggling with any things that you would like more help with any tools or strategies that you feel would be useful in your life to get you from where you are to where you want to be. To shake things up a bit. We'll be talking about various things. Procrastination, perfectionism, overthinking a whole lot of other things. I don't have the whole list in front of me right now. But if you have anything that's that you think is specific to you that you would like me to touch on, drop me a line. You can find me on Instagram at @iam_ryanspence. And you can also head to the website, and join the mailing list where I share tips, tools and strategies each week. And you can keep abreast of what I'm doing. Things like when the book's coming out what it'll be about promotion strategies, bonuses for for the early purchases, or the pre orders of the book, and lots of other good stuff on there as well. I'm also recently on Twitter, woo hoo! I have no idea what I'm doing on there, but I'm sharing things on there every day inspirational quotes, journal prompts, questions, things that can help you along. So go ahead and find me there. Also @iamryanspence. And if you're someone who doesn't really do social media, but likes to do the professional social media, I'm doing air quotes there, you probably can't see those. You can find me on LinkedIn. I'm at I Am Ryan Spence on LinkedIn, you can easily find me there. Cool. So what happened to The Yoga Den? The Yoga Den was once and it is no more. It's now evolved. It's just an evolution into what you hear today, The Triple C Project. Hope this has given you a bit of background as to what was going on and where we are now. And we'll be going going forward. The next episode will be a little bit of an origin story telling you a bit more about what The Triple C Project is, what we'll be doing going forward and how it can help you and how you can help me and other listeners to the show. So thanks for listening, and I will catch you on the flip side. Thanks for tuning in to The Triple C Project. If you like the show, leave us a review and subscribe. And if you didn't like the show, what can I say? I'm not for everybody. Follow me on Instagram. You can find me. @iam_ryanspence. Send me a DM and let me know you found me via the podcast. updates on the podcast, the book, any events that are going on? You're gonna wanna be on the mailing list. Just head to and sign up. For now. All I got left to say is stop living life in lethargy, and start living life lit!