The Triple C Project

PSA: Say it. Ask it. Do it!

April 22, 2022 Ryan Spence Season 2 Episode 9
The Triple C Project
PSA: Say it. Ask it. Do it!
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This is a public service announcement! 

If you have something to say, say it. If you have a question to ask, ask it. And if you have something that you want to do, do it. Say it. Ask it. Do it. 

In this week's episode share how this PSA 

  • could have helped me write a book sooner;
  • could have helped me leave BigLaw quicker; and 
  • can help you get out of the funk you're in and move forward towards your lit! life. 

Listen to the end to hear details of how I can help you implement this PSA in your own life through 1:1 coaching.
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Ryan Spence:

Failure is data. By getting things wrong, by things not working out the way that you wanted them to, you gain far more information than when you sit around thinking about things and trying to come up with the perfect plan.


Welcome to The Triple C Project.

Ryan Spence:

Welcome to the Triple C project, the podcast that helps you gain clarity and confidence, your courage so you can live life on your hearts. Ryan Spence big long, life coach, author, speaker, lover of hoodies, hip hop, and big hairy, audacious goals. If you're tired of living the life you think youj should want, and ready to start living the life you do want. This podcast will help you get from where you are, to where you really wanna be. So no we're friends. I invite you to grab a drink, take a seat, and allow me to guide you towards living a life, that's lit! Welcome to episode nine of The Triple C Project. And I don't know what's in the air today. But this is the fifth attempt at sitting down to record this podcast. The tech Gremlins just seem to have it in for me today. Everything just keeps going wrong. I'm getting error messages I've never seen before I had one where I didn't hit record. Yeah, it's been a bit of a thing. But I'm utilising all of my powers as a coach and a yogi to just sit, breathe through it and accept the things I cannot change. I hope you're having a better day than I am. As you listen to this. Before we kick off, I want to tell you that today is the 21st of April as I record this, which means five days until book release day. My book The Triple C Method: gain clarity boost confidence, & build courage, so you can live life lit!, is finally out on the 26th of April. It's been available for preorder since early April. And I'm really, really pleased with how the preorder process has been going. I want to thank you to everyone who has preordered the book who's sent me screenshots of their preorder whose DM'd me to say they've got it and they can't wait to read it. And of course, to all the advance readers who have given up their time to read it and give me feedback and write reviews. Really, really appreciate the support. If you haven't got the book yet, you can still preorder it now, head to And there you'll be able to also watch the video and complete the form to get access to the bonus mini course, Triple C 101. Triple C 101 is, and yeah, I know I'm a little bit biassed, but it's pretty kick ass. It's a short, sharp course. It takes you straight to the point and leaves you with one tangible action to take in relation to gaining clarity, boosting confidence and building courage. The tools and the exercises at the end of each of the modules are things that I've used myself that I've given to clients. So I know that they they do they do work. And they're things which you can keep coming back to as you level up. The course will be available for sale at some point later this year. But preorder the book get it for free. Why not? Trust me, it's gonna it's gonna be good the the it really complements the book. So you do the course and then you read the book to go deeper. The book is the book I wish I had had when I was spinning out in BigLaw, feeling stuck and not knowing how or believing that I could find a way out. So, The Triple C Method available 26th of April, you can pre order now. You can preorder from all the usual retailers, from Amazon of course but also Waterstones Barnes and Noble, Book Depository or go head to your independent bookstore if you've got one in your area, go support them and order from there. And yeah get access to Triple C 101 too. Awesome. Right. Let's get to it today's episode. So today in keeping with the first pillar of the Triple C Method, clarity. I'm going to give you a PSA. And don't worry, it will become clearer as we progress how this is linked both to the book and to the point of clarity. So the PSA, and I shared this on Instagram earlier this week is if you have something to say, say it. If you have a question to ask, ask it. And if you have something that you want to do, do it. Say it. Ask it. Do it. Okay. So how does that relate to the book, for example? And how does this relate to you? We're gonna get So like, a lot of people, I always had an idea of writing a to that right now. book. It was something that I thought about, I envisioned myself being on a bestseller list. And it was always something that I would do. But at some point, I would do it when I had more time, I would do it when I could take myself off to a cabin for two months and write in isolation. I would do it when I was a better writer, I would do it when I had a stronger message to share all of these things that were stopping me from getting started then also, I thought, because the only thing that was actually stopping me was fear. It was fear that was stalking me committing to the process of just getting the thing done. So how does say it, ask it, do it relate to that? Well, here's the thing. Going back a few years, to when I first had the idea of writing a book. If I had just said, I'm going to write a book, and spoken it out loud, it would have made the thing real. And it would have told people around me what I was doing and given me that accountability. The next thing I could have done is to start asking for help. If I haven't written a book before, why not ask people who have or who know people who have and figure out ways of short circuiting the process. And I don't mean skipping through all the steps. I just mean avoiding some of the pitfalls that first time authors may fall into ask you for help is something that I used to really, really struggle with. One of my values is generosity, and I really love to help other people see people do well and support their ventures. But when it came down to my own things, I wanted to do it alone, I just felt that I could figure it out. And I didn't need anybody else. And that's a trait that I see a lot in people that I work with, because they will be high performers, they're all successful, and they all kind of really want to push forward. But the thing about asking for help is that you can short circuit the process and people will want to help people will want to see you do well. And if they don't, there's always somebody else who will. So if I'd asked for help, that then could have given me additional information as to how to add a book and the things that I would need to do and learn to make that happen. And then the final thing I could have done is just taken action to just do the damn thing. If you want to be a writer, just write a clip just sat down and written and seeing whether it had taken me. And then the outcome of all of that may have been that I put out a book and it's awful, and nobody buys it. And that can be seen initially like a bad thing. But here's the thing. Failure is data. By getting things wrong, by things not working out the way that you wanted them to. You gain far more information than when you sit around thinking about things and trying to come up with the perfect plan. We can sit and theorise about things until the cows come home. But you won't move any further forward until you actually start taking action. So as I was thinking this week, as I come up to the launch of my book, I was thinking about how far ahead would I have been? If I'd sat down and written the book, when I first had the idea to write a book all those years ago? Where would I be now? And how much more would I have known? If I had done it then got a few things wrong? And then try it again. So I'd like you to ask yourself the same questions. The dream that you have the thing that you've been thinking about that you've been procrastinating over for months? Yes. How far ahead would you be now, if you had started at the time you had the idea, the time you had that burning desire to make that thing happen? And how much more would you know about the process of getting the thing of doing the thing if you had already started and got a whole host of things wrong? Because if you've been sat thinking all this time, you could have a perfect business plan, a perfect spreadsheet, a perfect diagram, the perfect document beautifully written about how you're going to do this amazing thing that's in your mind. But how long did that take you? And if you'd spent the majority of that time actually doing things, trying things. Actually speaking out loud what it is that you want to do actually going to people who can help you and asking for help, and actually taking the action to implement the information that's been given to you and to take action. Where would you be? So that's in relation to my book in relation to any project that you have. But I'd also like to apply the same public service announcement to your job. I apply it to my time in BigLaw. If at the time when I realised that where I was wasn't where I wanted to be that it wasn't aligned with with who I was, instead of sitting and suffering in silence, firstly, I could have done is just said it. Just said, categorically draw that line in the sand, I don't want to do this anymore. Saying it out loud has power. Try it. Think of something that you're doing that you don't want to do anymore, something that you don't want to happen. And instead of just having it in your head, actually say it out loud. In fact, if you have a mirror nearby, stand in front of a mirror and say it and see how different that feels to when you are carrying it around in your mind. There's a there's a power to it, there's a commitment to it, then try saying that to somebody else to other people, and see how much more powerful that is. And then how that then hold you accountable. After I'd said it to myself, the next thing I could have done is to start asking for help the things which I thought I would like to do and I wanted to do, instead of dismissing them as things that I couldn't do, because of the limiting beliefs that I was carrying around, I could have just asked people, asked people who were living the life that I wanted to live, who were doing the things that I wanted to do, ask them how they got there, what advice they would give, what steps they would advise me to take. And then I could have taken that information, gone ahead and just done the damn thing. Just started to implement that information and start to take action, see what works, see what doesn't see what I like, see what I do. And that process would have been a hell of a lot quicker than the process that I went through of wallowing in a life of lethargy for five years. And then finally seeing that glint of light at the end of the tunnel, as I clawed myself out. So that's the PSA, say it, ask it, do it. And to tie it back to the first pillar of The Triple C method, clarity. Clarity comes through action. Of course, we need to take the time to sit down and figure out what our values are, who we are, think about what we want, and why we want it. But we can't spend too long there, you have to take action to get that clarity. If you think you want something, and you spend your time creating this elaborate plan of how to get it, that's time wasted. Because then when or if you decide to then implement that plan, you may find you actually don't want to do that thing at all you hate it. But if you'd got the idea, take an action, you could figure that out a lot quicker and move on to the next thing. So clarity does ultimately come through action. You have to go through the initial stage, but make that brief and then start to take the action, try the things, get things wrong and get that clarity that way. Okay, so I want to end on this note. Someone said to me recently that when I was talking about my story, they'd asked me how I got from where I was to where I am now that it sounded like I packed two years of transformation into such a short space of time. And I never thought of it about that like that before. But I guess it's true. Since leaving BigLaw in February 2020, to now, which is what April 2022. There's been deep shedding of layers, there's been a great process of unlearning, and I'm not the same person who I was two years ago, and I'm definitely not the same person that was in it for those five years, not knowing what they wanted to do or how they could do it. There has been a huge transformation. But in my mind, that transformation could have happened a hell of a lot quicker, if I just committed to taking action to make a change. But I didn't know I didn't know any better. I didn't know what to do. I didn't know where to turn. I didn't have a podcast like this too help me with that. So the question I'd like to ask you is to imagine if you could undergo a similar transformation in less time. Imagine if you had some guidance someone to help you through that process of getting from where you are to where you want to be. How much further ahead, do you think that you would be in six months time? In a year's time? What do you think life would look like for you. And once you've done that, and if this episode, or previous episodes have resonated with you, I want you to go to Imo and book a call, and let's have a solid conversation. Let's talk about where you are and where you want to be, and how you can get there. Let's talk about how we can help you get deeper clarity and how we can help you boost your confidence and get the courage so you can live life lit. Because this is what I do. This is what I do with clients, this is what I've done with myself. And it's taken me a long time to get to this point, in one sense. It's taken me the time, the five years of sitting in lethargy of doing nothing. And then it's taken me the two years of doing that deep work to make what's been a pretty rapid transformation. But I feel that can be done a hell of a lot quicker with the right support. So if this speaks to you, if you feel like you could really use some help with getting that clarity, that confidence, and that courage, and starting to start that process of transforming your life, from a life of lethargy, to a life that's lit, just living more in alignment, just having days where you wake up and you're excited and you feel like there's opportunity and you have something that you're working towards something that means something to you. less of that call had to and book a consultation call. I look forward to hearing from you. That's it from me. I'll speak to you next week. Go ahead, pick up The Triple C Method. And I look forward to hearing what you think of it and what changes it's helped you make in your own life. Thanks for tuning in to The Triple C Project. If you like the show, don;t keep it yourself, . Go ahead, tell a friend and tell me too, by leaving a review. To get more tips, tools, strategies to help you get from where you are, to where you want to be, head to. and download my free confidence journal. Don't forget to follow me on Instagram. I'm @iam_ryanpence. And you'll be the first to know about the release of my upcoming book, The Triple C Method. But for now, the only thing that I have left to say is stop living a life of lethargy and start living life lit!